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Are you cloud-ready? Move to the cloud!

So, you’ve heard about the cloud, you “get” what it does, you know it can save you money, but, ultimately, is your business ready for the cloud?

The cloud is among 2014’s fastest growing technological markets, and while many businesses are thriving on the benefits of cloud computing and storage, its advantages can differ depending on your exact kind of business.

Consider the following questions to help you determine whether a cloud strategy could be a solution for your business. Are you ready to move to the cloud?

1. Do you find technology purchases difficult to budget?


Do you find that too much of your money is being consumed by steep IT and infrastructure maintenance costs?


One of the most enticing promises of cloud services is the management and upkeep of your data that is maintained and secured externally, in the cloud. This can help to reduce IT costs, saving you money (and time – see question #3!)

Furthermore, subscribing to cloud apps like services and software only as you need it means you can stretch your budget further.

2. Are you struggling to manage your business’ individual computers and your network infrastructure?


If your business is expanding, you may feel overwhelmed with increased infrastructure and pressure on your network – after all, it may not be your forte, so why not look at an alternate answer?


Storing your business data in the cloud means you no longer need to pay for hardware installation and repair. Additionally, cloud storage is elastic: it can be scaled up or down, exactly when you need it to be, by cloud experts.

3. Are you losing valuable business time managing your computer network?


You can’t afford to waste time – we know this. Maintenance challenges can take up much of your employees’ or IT consultants’ time. The cloud’s backup services can also save valuable time: you don’t need to spend time implementing an alternative backup strategy.


A move to the cloud could mean the difference between turnaround could go from a few weeks to mere hours. Services are set up in an instant and ready to use in minutes.

Because the cloud can be accessed exactly when needed, the time needed to get started with its various services can drop considerably – sometimes even from days to mere minutes!

Less disruption on your business operation means more time for you to do what you do best – and that’s conducting business.

4. Do you struggle to keep up with modern trends?


Another day, another software update. Compare cloud system updates with traditional in house IT department updates, and you’ll notice the drastic change in not only ease, but speed, too.


Automatic system and security updates ensures all your apps are running on their most current version – always.

5. Is employee mobility important to your business?


If you’re working in an environment where business travel, out-of-office meetings and working from home are regular occurrences, you’ll know the value in being able to access data from various locations.


Storing documents on the cloud means your employees can access all types of business data from an array of devices, without even having to be in the office! Reduce downtime and increase effectiveness by accessing a myriad of data from your smartphone, tablet, and laptop.

Need a little more guidance?

Every business is faced with different objectives, budgets, and priorities. If you’re on board for the exciting future of the cloud, or need some more help, get in touch with a cloud expert today.

A Telstra cloud solution from Schepisi could help your business migrate!

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