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Expense Management Software: the new costs of business communication you weren’t measuring 30 years ago

Cast your mind back to the 70s.

The first things you might think of include bell-bottom jeans, lava lamps, and Farrah Fawcett’s hair, right? But we want to think in terms of communication.

Fax machines, landline telephones, mail, and face-to-face were the big four. Shift through the next three decades and you’ll easily see how the number of communication tools – not only open to us but that big businesses actively use – has increased exponentially!

This week we want to take a look at the new costs of business communication we weren’t monitoring 30 years ago, and how Tangoe’s complete communications and expense management software can help monitor these costs, in turn saving your business money.

You need an expense manager for cloud computing

Of course the cloud is number one! One of the amazing features of cloud computing is the ability to scale storage and data, and add applications, as you need them.

Keep your cloud costs in check with an expense manager that oversees usage and data to ensure you can better manage opportunities to scale up or scale down.

The BYOD trend needs a cost management solution

Another huge trend making waves over the past few years is Bring Your Own Device, or, as the cool people call it, BYOD.

Mobile communication has transformed the way many businesses work, with more employees working remotely or from home, using various personal devices to keep in touch with the office at all times. They’re also connecting smartphones and laptops to their work’s secure WiFi connection to use personal devices in the office.

This, in turn, has seen the immense growth of the BYOD trend.

Along with the benefits of more open and effective business communication comes the task of effectively managing data and spend.

This marries up with your BYOD policy which governs authorised devices, software malfunctions or bugs, and how one goes about moving files between devices.

We always need to look beyond the “ease” and “convenience”, though, and ensure that spend is being adequately segmented and that budget is not being unnecessarily wasted. And that’s where Tangoe can help you – real-time usage and cost management software can help reduce cost and manage overages.

Business phone systems (like in your call centre)

Just because we’re talking about all these amazing new trends, it doesn’t mean we can neglect the traditional mode that has stuck it out since the first speech transmission between Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson in 1876.

As businesses grow, so too do their phone systems.

Robust (yet easy-to-use!) systems are needed to ensure fast and seamless communication.

Think of all the monthly invoices for all landlines and mobiles in your business. And that’s just the phones!

Business travel

In 2012, 10% of the Australians that travelled overseas did so for business purposes, compared to 16% in 2002.

While this decrease at the bookends of this particular ten-year period doesn’t necessarily represent a diminishing trend, we can note how new technologies have shifted the ways businesses perhaps previously relied on travel for international (and domestic) meetings.

Either way, business travel is one company expense that encompasses a variety of costs, including transportation (like airfares, taxis or rental cars), accommodation, and food.

Video conferencing

One alternative to extensive travel, as we have discussed many times before, is video conferencing.

While this system can help dramatically reduce costs associated with travel and won’t break the bank, these costs still need to be monitored to ensure you know the value you’re getting. Have you come across indicators that prompted you to review or increase your current bundle? Tangoe can help you out.

New networks can handle businesses growing needs (in terms of factors like bandwidth), but that doesn’t take away the need to efficiently and accurately measure and manage spend.

A complete communications and expense management system

Question: What’s the common theme between all the tools and systems we have gone over above?

Answer: Many businesses need each and every one of them to conduct business today.

As technology continues to develop, new systems come into play, and more systems lead to more complexity. With more complexity comes the chance for more human error. And that’s where telecom expense management comes in.

Tangoe is known as the world’s number one complete communications lifecycle management solution.

That’s because it manages every tool used to facilitate every communication throughout your business. More than just expenses, it manages usage, activity data, and rates, reducing bill shock and typically paying for itself within just one month!

Schepisi Tangoe Communications Lifecycle Management features:

– Identify billing errors

– Provides real-time usage alerts

– Prevents unexpected overages before they occur

– Customisable alerts

– Simple setup

Get in touch with a Tangoe expert today: Contact Schepisi now!

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