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Go green: how is Lifesize video conferencing environmentally friendly?

Promote an eco-friendly business with a video conferencing solution

We don’t need to harp on about how important reputation is to your peers, competitors, and customers.

Promoting an eco-friendly organisation tells these people that your business does what it can to reduce its impact on the environment. That might be a strict recycling program, an energy-efficient lighting system, or, for the purpose of this blog post, video conferencing, which helps to reduce the carbon footprint associated with business travel (more on that a little later).

The term ‘eco-friendly’ is no longer solely reserved for hipsters in the San Francisco Bay Area; many businesses consciously try to reach for eco-friendly options whenever possible.

Business travel isn’t just limited to aeroplanes

Even car travel – if you need to cross the city and reach a destination that’s 50 or 100kms away, you can instead organise a video conference without having to worry about traffic, tolls, petrol, and whether you’re going to make it on time!

Say no to waste

Larger, in-person conferences or meetings are frequently organised with catering in mind. Often, with the fear of under-delivering, companies will overindulge and end up ordering far too much food. This extra food is not only wasteful, but it’s also costing your company money.

Cut out in-person meetings and you can virtually eliminate these catering costs – which can add up! Even a bi-monthly meeting (every two months) can cost a business hundreds (and perhaps even thousands!) per year in catering.

Of course, it’s not expected that your company will eliminate catered functions altogether, but these catch-ups, when held virtually, can reduce catering costs. A video conference or meeting can connect:

  • Participants from different office divisions
  • Those located across the country
  • Global guests
  • Home workers
  • Remote workers

Video conferencing software = less travel time (and cost!)

Time tends to be that elusive thing that always escapes us. Think back to 2015 – how fast did it fly by? Before we’ve even blinked, we’re already in the middle of January.

Lost travel time is one of those factors that really puts a sting on our productivity.

Sure, we can connect to Wi-Fi and get a little bit of work done at the airport, but amongst delayed flights, travel time, transfers, the actual meeting, and returning home, something as straightforward as a two-hour meeting could turn into a 25-30 hour adventure to Perth for the night.

(Use this interactive website to find out estimated CO2 emissions. Our example: two people travelling from Melbourne to Perth via plane, twice per year. Results are below.)

Could that Adelaide catch up happen with video conferencing? Probably.

Might that small seminar with Brisbane work with Lifesize? I think so.

Of course, business travel isn’t completely unavoidable, but video conferencing allows businesses to look at their meetings differently, and make smarter decisions that save not only travel time, but travel cost, too!

Less printing and paper with video conferencing equipment

When was the last time you really needed to print a PDF or ticket out? Probably not for many months. If you were attending an event, you show an e-ticket or a screenshot of an email, and that would suffice.

So as video conferencing happens online, let document sharing remain online, too. Share documents through the cloud and collaborate on presentations and spreadsheets, without having to send the signal to your printer (and hearing that dreaded ‘low ink’ beep).

Don’t compromise communication for an environmentally friendly workplace

It’s great to be a part of an organisation that does its bit for the environment. One company can’t stop global warming on its own, but every little bit counts!

Perhaps the best thing about all these savings video conferencing promotes is that it still provides a frictionless communication experience.

So while you continue to benefit from effective communication, standout technology, and robust equipment, you’re also helping to reduce your business’s carbon footprint. Remember, there is no Plan[et] B!

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