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Red Alert! 6 factors that need to change in your call centre

You’ve been putting it off, time and time again, always pushing it down the bottom of the to-do list and fooling yourself into thinking it’s something that can be dealt with later, when you have the time.

What is it? It’s your non-face-to-face customer service. Whoever thinks that business phone etiquette is dead is lying to themselves! Sure, we love email and use it all day, everyday, but more often than not we’re picking up the phone to have direct conversations with clients, partners, prospects, customers, and colleagues.

No matter what kind of business you have, and no matter the medium in which you primarily communicate, effective, conscientious, and diligent service and relationship management is one of the main powers that will keep customers sticking.

By now, you realise the dire situation that your call centre or customer service centre is in, and now it’s finally time to address the criteria that demonstrates how your customer service must drastically improve.

Mitel phone systems

While we can’t change the attitudes in your call centres, we can help you realise how a Mitel phone system is one (of several) factors in your ecosystem that can dramatically improve communication!

Most of the advice below are factors you need to look at internally, but if there’s one thing that we know, it’s business phone systems. We’ll go into a bit more detail below, but a Mitel phone system is a complete communications solution designed to improve not only communications with your valued customer base, but also internally, across the whole company and its divisions.


1. The words you use when talking to customers and prospects

And by that, we also mean the empathy and compassion you project across your communications. Yes, we won’t deny it, call centre communications can often become frustrating, especially if the customer is doing not much else but complaining and laying down blame, or is not effectively explaining a problem or concern.

And yes, it can be tempting to fight right back or suddenly be inflicted with hampering stress or even plain emotion. But we don’t need to tell you that you just cannot do this in a work environment!

Ever heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy? Approaching each new call (and therefore each new customer!) with a fresh slate and a optimistic outlook reignites the relationship between positive belief and positive behaviour.


 2. The way customers are handled through your office phone system

Are you sending your customers on a metaphorical goose chase through your office phone system? Are you transferring them between calls, accidentally leaving them on hold for too long, or (shudder) not properly muting the call or putting them on hold before complaining to a colleague about them?

Returning customers in particular will not appreciate being hand-balled across multiple divisions (or even just multiple people), answering the same questions and explaining an issue again and again. Forge a relationship (more on that below) and educate yourself on a customer’s profile and history.


3. The attitude you have towards your customers

Leaving a negative issue or experience behind is one of the best pieces of advice you can give. Of course, that’s easier said than done. But in all honestly, dealing with frustrating, rude or angry people through a call centre is not an uncommon experience. The key, though, is to treat each call as a new opportunity as well as a new customer. Sarcasm is not the answer, either (it can enrage a caller!)

The worst thing you can do is take anger or frustration home with you at the end of the day. Remember, any anger from a customer is almost never because of something you, personally, have done. You are just the outlet for them to let off some steam. It’s not personal. Remember that!


4. The business phone systems you use

The attitude you choose to bring to work every day and the tools you’re using to streamline and simplify complex customer profiles and redirects go hand in hand to create a holistic customer communication system.

So how do you do it the right way? With robust phone equipment that can handle the simple stuff as well as the more complicated stuff. A high tech solution that makes communication fast and seamless is going to be the missing piece to your exceptional customer service loop.

Innovation, value, security and quality are the four key values of Mitel’s business phone systems, designed specifically for business use, with you in mind.

They’re built strong, tough, and capable. They’re prepared for big business, including global communications in 23 different countries! And the best part is, someone else can do it all for you!

5. The relationships you build

A good business focuses on building relationships, not quick-fire sales. You want to retain these prospects, right? You want to ensure they continually choose you and your brand when they need a new product, an upgrade, a repair, maintenance or anything else.

Is it important to your business that customers come back and buy from you again and again?

Then you’ve got to change that ‘quick sale’ mentality. Good customer service – better yet, a good business – solidifies relationships and treats each and every client or customer as an individual and integral part of a business’ ecosystem. Forging close relationships with clients reassures, keeps you front of mind, and gets them coming back.


6. The follow ups you set in motion

Customer relationship building and retention lasts long after you’ve said goodbye and disconnected the call. A follow up communication (which is commonly undertaken via a phone call or email) tells clients that yes, you do care, and no, they’re not just another dollar figure in your company’s back pocket!

What now?

You can read more Mitel phone system case studies and reviews here, otherwise, we’re ready for a chat: we’ll help identify your pain points and conceive a big-business solution that suits your needs and budget.

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