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Solve these communication challenges with Lifesize Video Conferencing

Video conferencing hasn’t been called “the most in-demand application of the new information age” for nothing!

What was once an experimental communications tool has exploded in businesses the world over.


Because communication – no matter its catalyst – is the one aspect of business that will never change. We all need it, and we always will.

Video conferencing is just a newer mode of business communication that allows for real-time collaboration, conversation, and exchange.

We have already covered the benefits of video conferencing in this blog post, but this week, we look at five communication challenges video conferencing will solve. Enjoy!

Video conferencing works for large meetings and catch-ups

Conference calls might be OK for two or three participants, but once that number creeps up any further, you’re going to struggle with audio lags, talking over others, and the dreaded confusion commonly known as “Who-on-earth-is-speaking-right-now?”

Video conferencing literally puts a face to a name, and with no awkward delays, you can enjoy exceptional sound quality and crisp audio, whether you’re talking to two or 20 other people!

Bridge the gap between office workers and remote workers

Now more than ever, thanks to technology, we’re privy to a whole slew of alternative opportunities than turning up to the office every day and working between 9am and 5pm.

Flexible working hours, remote workers, and working from home are now viable options in many businesses thanks to technology.

There are simply more and easier ways to stay in touch with the office and work on projects, documents, and presentations without being chained to a desk.

(This Huff Post piece sums it up really nicely: the author explains that while using video conferencing at work, has “developed strong bonds with colleagues in a short amount of time”, explaining that meeting “wives, husbands, kids, and pets” is not awkward; rather, “in under a month, we’re sharing jokes and having conversations about the important people and things in their lives”. A great sentiment.)

The choice to reduce strain on in-house IT

Lifesize video conferencing provides both on-premise and cloud-based video conferencing solutions to business, so depending on your needs, infrastructure, and budget, you’ve got the choice.

Larger businesses – with higher communication budgets and even perhaps an in-house IT team opt to keep hardware on-site (thus taking responsibility for maintenance, too) while smaller businesses or those with diverse work environments, including remote and home workers, choose Lifesize video conferencing in the cloud.

There’s no right or wrong choice here, and you can find out more information on cloud vs. on-premise video conferencing solutions in this blog post.

The ever-present security fears

Ask almost any manager, business owner, or CEO the main fear of technology and their answer will be security.

And yes, maybe a decade ago, you could have gotten away with security as an excuse to turn away from video conferencing (particularly cloud video conferencing).

But today, you’d be hard-pressed to find a cloud-based service that doesn’t offer password protection, authentication emails, and secure encryption during a both a chat and a video conversation.

Video conferencing supports and embraces BYOD

BYOD, as CC&N points out, is no flash in the pan. It’s growing not only in businesses of all sizes around the world, but in schools and universities, too, and it’s not set to slow down anytime soon!

BYOD combined with video conferencing (accessible on smartphones and tablets) strengthens the communications cycle, enhancing connectivity and collaboration in your business and amongst your employees.

Diagnosing communication challenges

Until you take an outsider’s point of view, you might be somewhat oblivious to the communication challenges your business and its employees are currently facing.

That’s where Schepisi comes in – we can analyse your current situation and determine areas where improvement is needed, and best of all, can be achieved.

Video conferencing Melbourne and Australia

Video conferencing has become an integral cog in the wheel of business communication (both internally and externally), so it’s important to get the right information from the start. Learn more about video conferencing from Melbourne’s Schepisi Communications. With offices all around Australia, we’re you’re go-to Lifesize partner for your business’s video conferencing solutions.

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