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What’s the point of expense management? (Why ignorance is far from bliss)

What is expense management?

Expense management, by definition, is the system (or systems) used by a business to “process, pay, and audit employee-initiated expenses”.

Expense management, you then see, is a considerably broad topic, and the first kinds of expenses that might pop into your head are ones like taxi fares, meals, accommodation and transport. That’s why we need to hone in and get to the specifics, because today we will be referring explicitly to Telco Expense Management (TEM): the management of the entire communications lifecycle.

Tangoe is a complete SaaS solution designed to make it easy for a business of any size to manage, analyse and adjust accordingly each aspect of their business’s communications lifecycle.

Why does my business need an expense management system?

Consider all the ways in which your employees are communication not only with clients, but with partners, vendors, and each other, too.

If you’re a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Controller, Finance Director, (or similar), you understand the importance of Telco Expense Management (TEM).

What kinds of expenses will Tangoe manage?

Invoice processing

Tracking financial spend is a habit to make – it provides immeasurable value come tax time! Tangoe’s solution is easy to implement, adapt to your business’s process, and improves your internal processes.

Invoice analysis

A company needs to monitor invoices in terms of disputes and related credits and recoveries. Maintain clear and detailed service records of all business telecommunication spend.

Dispute management

Invoice dispute can involve management, customers, suppliers, and staff. You need to choose Telcom Expense Management (TEM) that can resolve disputes with as little damage to a relationship as possible. Tangoe is a cost-effective solution that effectively resolves disputes.

Bill shock

Prevent nasty bill shock with analysis and management of your entire communications cycle, from landline office phones to mobile devices part of a fleet of 500. Prepare your team for overseas travel with appropriate measures in place to avoid those horrible overseas charges!

Real-time usage alerts and control

Take advantage of real-time usage alerts, which will, as you may have guessed, offer real-time messages to not only the end-users, but also to IT admins. From here, IT has the capability to proactively manage roaming devices by implementing cost-effective packages.

Why choose Tangoe communications expense management system?

Choosing an expense management system can sometimes feel like a daunting task. All you need is a system that’s accurate, reliable, and works for your business. Can it really be as simple as that?

Well actually, yes, it can.

Tangoe and Schepisi’s vision is to provide businesses, corporations, and companies the software they need to effectively record, manage, adjust, and control their telecommunications spend.

Above regular spending, there’s those moments that you just don’t plan for: neglecting to update a mobile plan for when your employees are heading overseas to that trade show is just a spending disaster waiting to happen.

Tangoe’s Telecom Expense Management (TEM) software helps organisations just like yours analyse – and as a result manage – telecommunications spend.

Remarkably, Tangoe has a proven ROI that typically pays for itself within the first month – just from carrier overage charge prevention alone! Now that’s impressive.

What now?

For expense management of the entire communications lifecycle, trust the world’s leader.

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