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Why choose Schepisi as your Telstra dealer?

Choosing a telecommunications provider can be an overwhelming task.

It involves research, comparison, and evaluation. Which network should you choose? And should you go through a partner?

The following checkpoints will help you envisage what you need from your telecommunications provider – do you know what to look for?

Telstra dealers in Australia

Large businesses need large, robust solutions, and for that, you need to be able to trust in a reputable company that has the experience, knowledge, and tools to provide end-to-end communications solutions.

There are many Telstra dealers in Australia, so where’s the distinction? We believe it lies in the next six points. Read on to learn why you need to trust in a recognised, accredited, Telstra business partner.

1. Check out their credentials

Are you looking at a partner or dealer that is recognised by your chosen Australian telecommunications company?

As Telstra Business & Enterprise National Partner of the Year 2012-2013, we can confidently assure that we take the time to get to know and understand the functions, pain points, advantages, and drawbacks of your business, creating a tailored solution that will arm you with the power of faultless communication.

In fact, some insiders say organisations searching for a new Telco provider should ensure any company is authorised and recognised by manufacturers as a business partner.

2. Can your dealer support you generally as well as explicitly?

Do they understand your industry, and have they worked with other similar companies? If so, great!

But can they go one step further and devise a strategy for your precise Telco needs?

Whether it’s a complex phone system for 10,000 employers, or mobile phones for 30 team members, does your Telstra dealer understand the features you’ll need, and can they offer ongoing support, consultancy, and scalability? We’re in it to build your brand.

3. Who are their partners?

If you’re a part of a large organisation, it’s pretty likely your communications needs will not stop after you’ve determined your landline or mobile phone solutions.

One telecom partner, equipped with links and partnerships to multiple communications solutions, can help make building your communications network hassle-free.

Think video conferencing (Am I dealing with people interstate or internationally on a regular basis, and voice calls just aren’t cutting it?), VoIP (Could it save me money by eliminating duplicate cabling?), and mobile devices (does my team need to be more accessible?).

4. “What can WE do for YOU?”

This is the question they should be able to answer! Schepisi’s answer?

We can do it all.

That may seem like a bit of a vague promise, but that’s it: any problems you encounter, solutions you desire, and growth you need, are handled by us, from start to finish.

Our combined industry knowledge, as well as our partnerships with other recognised brands solidifies our reputation within the telecommunication sphere.

Dealing direct with a Telstra dealer means a single point of contact, reducing wasted time and tedious communication pathways.

5. Can their solutions match your budget?

Any business venture begun without a budget is a set up for disaster, so it’s absolutely critical that you set a realistic budget!

A spending parameter will help guide your Telco strategy and will determine how you can allocate spend to best match your communication needs.

6. Above all, do they have the right solution?

Schepisi is 100 per cent dedicated to creating specific solution for large business and enterprises.

Whether you want to improve customer service, upgrade your system, or keep up with growing trends and new technologies, contact Schepisi today to begin the journey to seamless communication.

Remember, the solution fits the business, and not the other way around! Get in touch today!

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